What Did Rejection Teach Louis CK?

December 4, 2014

Louis CK gives a tribute to the brillian comedian George Carlin and in that tribute Louis talks about how he spent 15 years doing the same one hour gig that was mostly ****. George Carlin on the other hand threw everything away each year and started from scratch. 

Carlin faced that fearful and dreaded, shake-in-your-shoes-white-page over and over. Each time, he went deeper. Deeper into his feelings. Deeper into his thoughts. Deeper into his imagination. Deeper into his gut. Until he got to his balls (says Louis). So, Louis CK, inspired by this, threw away his material each year and wrote new material too.

I'm real pleased that Louis CK spent 15 years doing something that was ****. That gives me hope. Yeah. It's the little things. But truly, that is uplifting to me. 15 years of rejection. 15 years of not knowing where the hell he was going. 15 years of travelling in the wilderness. It's not that I wish it for him or for anyone else. 

But see here: i read what the psychotherapist Helen M Luke says in her discussion with the magazine Parabola how we find something that makes us 'able' to cope with the huge challenge of life through having the difficulties. 

Helen: It may appear in something that happens to you, comes to you from the outer world, or it may appear from something that comes to you suddenly from the inner world. It will happen through a long history of choices in small things. The unwillingness to see is to say no to life, to the risk of mistakes, to facts.

Parabola: Do you think that with all the difficulties something helps as well.

Helen: Oh, but of course! The difficulties are what help most!

So, could it be that in that desert Louis found his "ableness"? I'm not talking about resilience (because i think that's just another word for wanting humans to do more on their own and be tougher so we don't have to be kind or compassionate), no, I mean a way to access his 'self', his honesty, his humility, his love, his kindness and his balls (ok, I mean courage) and his connection to human spirit. 













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