Nature. Are you getting enough of it?

November 26, 2014

I hauled my sorry butt off to the beach yesterday. I was not very meekly obeying the voice that said, no desk, no computer, no pen today. The dog was in the back of the Lancer pining as we drove past his favourite dog park. Nope, not stopping today, I said. At the coffee I shop I ordered a hot chocolate and received a chat with the retired-truck-driver-turned-coffee-shop owner. 


I walked down the windy sidewalk. The sand was white. The council signs warned me of hefty fines if I let my dog on the beach so I didn't though the dog didn't like it. The water was grey and green and out on the horizon were liners filled with cargo destined for other countries. 


My fingers were twitchy. I kept reaching for my phone. Only I had left my phone at home, accidentally but fortuitously. I wanted to check email, facebook, text messages. "Just give it up for an hour," I told myself. Settle. I sat on the concrete fence and noticed that big sea that didn't give a toss about me or the price of houses or the next political catastrophe. 


It curled over itself, flattened itself on the sand, drew back, returned, pulled, pushed, retreated and gave. 


The universe sent me some not very subtle messages when I got home. A friend told me about a TED talk by a 13 year old boy who spends one day a week in nature. The 13 year old boy told me about Dr Rodger Walsh who has developed the 8 principles for well-being. We need nature frequently for our happiness. Another friend told me of the excellent walks along the river in my area she had been doing weekly. 


Ok, ok, I get it already. I'll try and spend more time outside the four walls of my study in my four walled house. Jeesh. 


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