Why "Mulling" and the Post-Sex Feeling Can Help Your Writing

September 1, 2014

My creative mentor, Vajradaka, told me to schedule in 'mulling'.

"Mulling?" I said.

"Mulling," he said. "As in letting your mind wander and wonder over what you've been writing or are about to write. Come to your desk and instead of diving straight into the writing, sit. Sit with the character, give her time to run and jump around in your mind. Play. Five minutes is all you need."


I think of it as time for the mind to roam, like horses galloping carefree in a meadow; like hips wriggling to that beat uh huh, uh huh; like lying next to the swimming pool in the sun with a good book shading your eyes as you sleep.




Well, you know that great moment after sex where your body and your head are relaxed, dreamy even? You're all smiling basically. When our minds have after-sex, meadow-roaming, hip-wriggling time, we have access to the subconscious real easily and when we have the key to that treasure cove we can unlock the rubies, emeralds, dimaonds of images and ideas 


Have I wet your appetite for 'mulling'? 




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