Why Every Writer Needs A Blog In The 21st Century

May 1, 2013

What do you hope a publisher will do when they receive your manuscript?


Sink into a sofa with your delicious manuscript perched on their knee as they sip coffee. The ordinary world fades away and they are immersed in the colour of your story's world.


When they reach the end they jump for the phone and dial your number.

"I love it, darling. I must have it and by the way here's an advance," the publisher proclaims loudly.


That's my fantasy anyway!


But according to my American editor, Liz Kracht, what the publisher is most likely to do before glancing at the first page of your manuscript is google your name. What's she looking for? Your website.




Because the publisher wants to know that you can build an audience for yourself. These are cash strapped times and you need to help with the publicity. 


If you want the publisher to read your manuscript you must have a website. Alongside that it's recommended we blog at least once a week. 


Funnily enough, Shakespeare didn't have a website and neither did J.K. Rowling before she was famous. Those days, sadly, are gone.


What do you think about all writers blogging? I'd love to hear from you.





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